What Is WordPress

If you have not heard of WordPress before don’t worry. But you will be hearing it constantly after learning more about it today.

WordPress is a flexible free open source CMS. This allows you to write blog posts, home page, contact page etc. It is a highly customizable CMS that allows you to have a website that suits your needs. The ecosystem of WordPress is so big it is easy to find freelancers who can help you build your site or fix problems if you have any.

WordPress is open source as in anyone can download it read the code and make changes to it. If you are not a developer don’t worry about it.

WordPress is built with PHP, JavaScript and uses MySQL database to store settings, blog articles etc. You will need Linux based web hosting. The technology stack is LAMP.

L – Linux operating system. Although Microsoft has made it possible to host WordPress in Windows OS. But you should stick with Linux unless you are a nerd and want to experiment and play around.

A – Apache web server software. This software is responsible to make the website and web pages available to visitors.

M – MySQL database. WordPress uses MySQL to save article content, WordPress settings, user settings.

P – WordPress is built with PHP programming language. One of the most widely used programming languages in the world! It is not very hard to find a PHP programmer if you need help customizing WordPress to your business needs.

How To Use WordPress

WordPress needs to be installed on a computer or server which is available on the internet otherwise you website will not be accessible by anyone on the internet. You will need a good web hosting company which offers LAMP technology stack.

Don’t worry almost all non-Windows based hosting are LAMP based with different flavors of Linux (L) OS.

You can put your WordPress files in web hosting account with FTP or do a one click install within the cPanel (dashboard for your web hosting account). FTP is the advanced method, it’s not that hard but will take some learning and time to do this. You will need to collect some details from your hosting account to connect and send the files to.

With one click install all you need to is well, click once! This is the simplest and easiest way to get started. You can always make changes in the future. With WordPress things are flexible you can undo things, re-install or migrate to a new web hosting as well.

I suggest you go with one click install unless you know what you are doing or can hire a freelancer. If you want to hire a freelancer find out here on how to hire freelancer.


It’s FREE!!!!! Yep no cost!


There are tons of themes out there you can choose from both free and paid. Imagine an industry there is a theme likely for it.


Again there are tons of plugins to help you accomplish your business needs. Need SEO? There is a plugin for that. Need Google Tag Manager? There is one!

The WordPress ecosystem is huge and it is a multi-million dollar industry! It is easy to accomplish technical things with WordPress. Heck there is even a plugin to turn WordPress into an e-commerce site. It’s called WooCommerce!

There are other CMS options but I strongly suggest you stick with WordPress.

JavaScript is a programming language. Its code typically runs within the browser. What can you do with JavaScript?

You can show alert popups, modal popups, show/hide text, buttons, labels etc.

CSS (cascading style sheet) allows you to change the look and feel of the website/webpage. What can you do with CSS?

You can decide which font, font color, font size to use. You can also decide how the hyperlinks look before clicking and after clicking . You can also use separate fonts for headlines and for paragraphs!

You can use CSS code inline within HTML or in a separate file. Depending on the need developers use one or both the options.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)  instructs the browser on how to organize and show the webpage. HTML does this with the help of JavaScript and CSS. The browser reads the HTML and renders the webpage based on the instructions.

It is pretty cool stuff actually if you are a nerd.

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