What Is Content Management System (CMS)

When the concept of websites started they were very simple. Static HTML files full of text and accompanying JS, CSS files. If you have 25 articles on your website you would have 25 HTML files on your web hosting account.

Not anymore!

CMS was created to make it easy to have multiple articles, pages without having to create a file for each article. All the articles are stored in a database and can be accessed through a single template page.

It also avoids copying of common information like analytics code, navigation menu, logo image to each and every page. Without CMS if you had 25 HTML files you and wanted to change the logo image, menu text or your punch line you would open, edit and save ALL 25 HTML files. Talk about doing annoying work! With CMS like WordPress you just have to change these things in one place and voila! You see the changes in each and every article.

With CMS you can also control who can write an article, who can publish it. You can control the privileges given to the users. With CMS it is a breeze to control and manage the data of your website. You can also save an article as a draft which will make it invisible to the public, once it’s done you can publish and make it public.

CMS is nothing but a web application which is hosted using a web hosting account. You typically need a domain name to use with the CMS.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. And it powers 18% of the websites on the internet! And I am sure the number will continue to grow! WordPress is my only recommendation for your business website. And it’s FREE!


Alternative to the CMS is using the good old HTML pages. If you have a very simple website to have presence online you can use it, if your website is made up of 5-6 pages. If not there is no escaping the CMS! Keep your life easy and go with CMS. As a business owner you need to save time, delegate work and stay efficient with your time and energy.

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