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As you may already know Google takes site speed into account for its ranking algorithm. And with the increase in browsing with mobile devices, it is even more important have your blog turbo-charged for faster page loading and keeping your reader on your blog so that he can engage more and click on ads if that is your ultimate goal with your blog.

This optimized blog post demonstrates how speed optimization can make a world of difference in terms of page load speed when compared to an unoptimized blog post.

And to keep a even playing field both the optimized blog and unoptimized blog are hosted on the same shared hosting plan by HostGator India. The hosting server is located in Mumbai, India.

You can gain serious speed improvement for your blog even if you are hosting it on a cheap shared hosting plan! This should help you with SEO ranking and decrease the bounce rate leading to higher ad clicks and income for you.

I have made a typical blog post with some pictures and text. I didn’t want to add random images, so I’ve added pictures I have taken during my travels.

Hosting & Optimization Details

Note: To further improve the page load times, I have enabled lazy loading. This reduces the size of the page. And the images are only downloaded when the user scrolls and the image come in view on the screen. This reduces the amount of data to be downloaded leading to faster page loads.

Neil Patel also uses lazy loading on his blog. Its win-win situation for you and your reader!

Speed Test

Test this post’s speed with WebPageTest and GTMetrix. Choose an Indian city closest to Mumbai, India. You should always test from a location closest to your hosting server.

About the pictures

You will find mostly pictures of beaches. I love beaches and coastal places. Nothing is more invigorating than a nice sunshine beaming down your face during the day. And nothing is more soothing than a nice cool breeze hitting your face gently during the night as the slow waves hit the shore in their melodic rhythm.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Before it gets too crowded you should visit the islands if you haven’t done so. You will find many pristine beaches and many of them secluded from humans!

Vijay Nagar beach, Havelock island, India

I took this picture at the Vijay Nagar beach while staying at Silver Sands Resort, which is right by the beach!

Elephant beach, Havelock island, India

This the elephant beach. Apparently there is an elephant camp which was closed when I was visiting. Don’t be turned off by the rocks at the shore. This beach is absolutely gorgeous with its endless blue water as far as your eyes can see!

Silver Sands beach resort, Havelock island, India

My cottage at Silver Sands Resort!


Thailand has some nice places to visit. Lots of beaches too!

Phi Phi islands, Thailand

This is us on our way to Phi Phi islands. I took this picture while going to the beach where the movie The Beach filmed.
Nice clear water around the islands! Far away from the hum-drum of humans and the city noise.

Phuket beach, Thailand

Sunset at the Phuket beach. Lot of people and activity with water sports.


What do you think? Did you find this post faster than the unoptimized post?

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