How To Pick And Buy The A2Hosting Linux Hosting Shared Plan

With domain name in your kitty it is time to buy the web hosting. If you need to brush up on domains first read what is a domain name and buy a domain at

Now back to web hosting. I am not going to lie to you. Buying web hosting can be scary and overwhelming even to a techie. Truth be told many techies don’t know much about commercial web hosting unless they are freelancers.

Freelance web developers are more likely to be exposed to web hosting for small businesses.

There are four critical things to keep in mind when buying web hosting for your business. They are:
1. Linux hosting
2. Server location
3. cPanel
4. And FREE SSL!

With this you are in the right position to provide a good experience to your visitors and also make it easy to outsource the technical work because of cpanel (control panel). cpanels are very popular and freelance web developers usually know how to use it.

With this in mind let’s get started. I have numbered the steps and options in buying the hosting. Refer to the images and the corresponding bullet points with numbers.

Go to A2Hosting plans to buy your web hosting for your brand-spanking new website. Very soon you will be sharing your website with your friends, family and potential customers!

1. Linux Plans: Make sure it’s Linux hosting. Windows hosting is not the right one for our needs.

2. Single website hosting (LITE) is a little cheaper than multi-website (SWIFT). I generally choose multi-website because of my different blogs. I have more than one website for my different projects. If you are a say local business owner then single website hosting will be enough. You can always upgrade it later but may lose out some money in savings. But not the end of the world.

3. Read above

4. Turbo – You don’t need it unless you don’t mind paying more money for faster web hosting. For your need and budget LITE or SWIFT plan is more than enough.

5. Hosting plans: Click on the different plans to see their pricing for different terms and the savings you are eligible for.

6. The promotional price (discounted price) breakdown is based on how long a period you want to buy for.

7. Register a new domain: You must have bought a domain by now. Or already have one. So ignore this option. I don’t recommend buying from here because it will be more expensive compared to

8. Use this option “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers”.

9. Type in the domain name here. You can type whatever you want. It doesn’t really matter. When I bought the hosting account I gave a domain name that doesn’t even exist!

10. Choose .com domain extension unless you are putting your real domain name in 9. Then use the appropriate domain extension.

11. Pick the length of the hosting you want to buy. The longer it is the cheaper it is going to be for you. Refer to #6.

12. Turbo boost – Not needed right now

13. Priority support – Not really needed. You can read up support documents or outsource to freelancers for cheaper support :).

14. DropMySite Offsite Backups – not needed. You are just starting out. You have backup options within the hosting server. That is enough for you.

15. Server Location – Very important! Pick Asia (Singapore) if your visitors are from India or Asia. Depending on the location of your visitors pick the right location.

16. A2Website Builder – Not needed. We will use the one-click installer.

17. Performance Plus – Not needed

18. Barracuda Spam Firewall – Not needed

19. SSL certificate – Yes. Needed! Pick Let’s Encrypt. It’s free! Google prefers websites with SSL it will give a SEO boost to your website.

20. Railgun – Not needed.

21. Auto-install application – not needed. We will manually setup the domain and then install it.

22. CloudFlare Plan Basic Monthly – Not needed

23. Click Continue

24. Review you have the right plan

25. Check and confirm the domain name if you are using a real one

26. Server Location: Make sure you pick the one closest to your visitors

27. Price – Review the price. Check the discount you are getting.

28. Click on Checkout. You are almost there 🙂

29. Checkout – Add your checkout information and you are done!

Click here to buy the hosting and get started on your website. I’ll send a tutorial on how to install the website tomorrow.

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