One simple way to increase leads and customers for your business is by using the right tools and under the right circumstances. When done right you can increase your leads and sales without increasing your SEO/Ad budget. Who wouldn’t want a bigger ROI without increasing your spending? I help you do that by introducing you to the right tools for your business and your wallet. You can go from losing money to making money by studying your customers/visitors on your websites and landing pages. I can be your trusted adviser when it comes to online tools for your business. I’ve been working in the corporate world for too long. I decided to help the local business owners instead. The big corporations have deep pockets and build big teams unlike the little guys. This is where I belong working with local business owners. That is why I decided to start convertism.com to help local business owners with their technology problems and decision making. And I have been doing well. I was awarded the top-rated freelancer on Upwork in the past.
Top-Rated Freelancer

Happy Local Business Owners

And my clients are happy too! This has been possible because of my deep knowledge of marketing technology and my passion for it. The Geek.

That’s me over a decade back building a data-center full of web servers and data servers. Making business decisions can be lonely and hard sometimes especially about things you don’t understand like web hosting, themes, funnels etc. Get on mailing list if you want daily little tips to help you get more leads and sales for your business. And learn just enough about technology to be confident of your decisions and know what is going on. A quick tip on decisions. Did you know decision making takes energy and can make you tired over the course of the day. Psychologists call it Decision Fatigue. Obama has an interesting way to reduce the number of decisions he makes on a day-to-day basis. To your success! – Naseer